Saturday, September 29, 2018

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Toxaway Art Show

   October 1st will be the 19th Annual Art Show for the Lake Toxaway Painters benefitting Lake Toxaway Charities.  The show will be in the Lake Toxaway Country Club main dining area on October 1 and 2.  There will be a reception on October 1st from 4-7:30.
Below is a sneak peek at some of the included paintings.

Jan Beasley:

Emily Clark:

Bette Coningsby:

Sue Fazio:

Jim Hefley:

Bianca Mitchell:

Karen Phillips:

Kari Shipley:

Nancy Wahl:

Carol Wiel:

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Bianca Mitchell Art
   Lake Toxaway Painters members and interested readers if you missed our September meeting, Bianca Mitchell shared some images of her art with me to post.  They are very intricate and lovely. Enjoy!!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Lake Toxaway Painters Summer 2018 Review

It has been a busy summer for the painters of Lake Toxaway with more activities to come in early Fall with end of the year meetings and the October Art Show.  

Highlight of Activities: 

Our May meeting was enhanced by an interesting demonstration by Cathy Cooper.  Cathy demonstrated her technique with graphite powder, pencil and paint washes to create beautiful moody landscapes.  Her muse was the area landscape as she drove to her new gallery space in Trade-arama at 51 W. Main St in Brevard. An example of her work is seen here. 

Bette Coningsby encouraged new and experienced artists by teaching a workshop for individuals interested in pastels on May 31.


In addition to giving a demonstration at our June meeting, Cathyann Burgess led a two day workshop on the use of cold wax with oils.  Participants were introduced to this relatively new medium and its use and properties.  Cathyann  showed attendees how this medium allows her to incorporate textures and imprints in addition of layered color.  She recommended the text -Cold Wax Medium by Crowell and McLaughlin.


Sue Archer returned to Lake Toxaway to teach all things watercolor in representational art.  She is a much sought after teacher.  Her workshop and demonstration for our meeting emphasized not only the techniques she uses in watercolor but the role of light in the scene and the interplay of positive and negative shapes.  Sue is an energetic and positive teacher.


What a busy month!  There were multiple events.

Nancy Nowak taught a workshop in pastels.  In her two day workshop she demonstrated both alcohol and watercolor washes as an initial start to her paintings.  She stressed the importance of a strong notan in all of our compositions. 

Deborah Kidwell was our guest speaker in August for our meeting.  She did a pastel demonstration and emphasized the colors one can obtain with layering of the medium. 

Late in the month, members of the Garden club joined the art guild in the creation of art!  At the garden club meeting members created floral arrangements and art guild members created paintings from those arrangements.  These endeavors can be viewed at the upcoming Art Show.

Despite Florence and all her wind and rain Lake Toxaway’s own Bianca Mitchell gave an informative meeting about her unique study and rendering of local maps.  

Next on the agenda is the October Art Show!

Monday, October 31, 2016

2016 Art Show

We had 21 artists with 196 paintings of which 32 sold for over $10,000. Peoples Choice went Bette Coningsby, 2nd Donna Bradner and 3rd Sue Fazio.  Over 115 people voted. Was a very successful show.

Twelve women attended Lorelle Bacon,s scarf workshop, all had a great time.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 Schedule

2015 Lake Toxaway Painters Guild Schedule

May 21 First meeting, Jim Hefley will talk about his article in Laurel Magazine Asheville

June 18 Meeting at Studio 4, Cathryn Cooper will demo graphite drawing techniques, discuss plans for space

July 13,14 Oil Painting Workshop with Bill Fletcher, Expressive Impressionism Painting – Fee 225.00

July 16 Meeting
July 16,17 Oil Painting Workshop with Bill Fletcher, Painting Trees – Fee 225.00

August 20 Meeting
August 20,21  Pastel Workshop with Kurt Weiser, Will focus on completing pieces – Fee to be announced

Sept 17 Meeting with 30 minute demo from artist Kathie Odum
September 16,17,18  Oil Painting Workshop with Kathie Odum, Fee - 350.00

Oct 5 Show

Oct 15 Meeting
Oct 15,16 Scratchboard workshop with Lorelle Bacon, Fee 110.00  She will consider other mediums to teach, we need to decide on medium

Monday, April 1, 2013



May 15 - June 15                  Sue Fazio and Karen Phillips

June 15 - July 15                   Jim Hefley

July 15 - August 15               Bette Coningsby

August 15 - September 15     Judy Termin

September 15 - October 15     Char Holbrook

Toxaway Art Guild 2013 Programs and Workshops

Note: Our monthly meetings begin at 9:30am

16                      Program              After Meeting Sue Fazio -  Acrylics

19                     Workshop             Bette Coningsby  - Pastels - Beginner &  Refresher
                                                                                                          Coordinator- Bette Coningsby

20                     Program                After meeting Walter Stanford - Pastels
                          workshop with Walter 11 - 4pp, Coordinators - Bess and MJ

12                      Workshop with Kirk Wiser, Pastels
18                      Program               After meeting Lorelle Bacon   - Scratchboarding
18                      Workshop                                           "            "       Coordinator -  TBD
22,23,24            Workshop             Larry Gerber, Brushstrokes  Acrylic and Oil Painting  
                                                                                                           Coordinator -Karen Phillips

15                      Program                After meeting Elsie Dresch - Pastel Demo
14-15-16           Workshop              Elsie Dresch - Pastels                 Coordinator- Bette Coningsby

11-12                 Workshop              Karen Margulis - Pastels            Coordinator- Char Holbrook
18                      Workshop              Bette Coningsby - Oils-Beginner & Refresher
                                                                                                            Coordinator - Betty Coningsby
19                       Program               After meeting Suzy Hart  Managing Your art photos

6,7,8                   GUILD ANNUAL ART SHOW AT LTCC

17                       Program  Guild Planning for next year

September 1 Patriots Day Art 4-6pm